Application Development
Build and Release Management
Scaling and Performance Tuning

Build scalabe, fault tolerant applications or prodcuts across any domain/cloud and tecnology stack. Support for Micro services. On-Premises as well as SAAS based models. Complete ownership of each phase and iteration of application development. Direct visibility of a developer for any interaction. We support Test Driver Development.

We offer automated build, deployment and we are expert in CI/CD solutions (Git, Concourse, Teamcity, Hygieia and so on) across wide range of latest cutting edge tools. We support Blue Green Deployment - your apps have NO DOWNTIME and your team NO Nightmares:-)

Raise the Bar dynamically with autoscaling and other industry standard and cutting edge design patterns for scaling and performance. Support to measure application, container and module performance, API performance, rate limiting etc.
Cloud Deployment and Infrastructure Management

Deployment to AWS, Google Cloud , Pivotal Cloud Foundry with containerized, non-containarized applications. Support for Infrastucture mangement like VPN, VPC, Public IP, Hosting, Storage, Messaging and so on.

Cloud Compliance and Automation

Automate your cloud deployment tailored for your need. Enforce security compliance policies to regulate your cloud infrastructure access and usage

Billing and cost analysis

Help you setup Billing budget, forecasting, billing alerts, setup Reports and UI Visualization of billing

metrics. We also help you take measures to reduce your cost by pinpointing diversion of usage and various alternatives to best use your cloud resources.

Key Offerings

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