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Today, we're going to see one of the nice product available to manage your Cloud Platform that supports off-the-shelf as well as extensible, configurable policies. After looking through various options available that solves or overlaps similar problem domains of Cloud Management, we found Scalr as most suitable for some of our clients based on following set of useful features and solutions that it provides.

1. Open Source and Extensible.

2. No Vendor Lock In - i.e. Abstraction of cloud providers makes it easy to manage your infrastructure even if change your provider or add a new one to manage different set of problems.

3. Policy based configuration and extensible policies.

4. Compliance to manage your infrastructure-resources as well as logical/business entities.

5. Workflow support.

Fine grained ACL control to create great isolation across the your Cloud 6. accounts/sub-accounts as well as TAG Based grouping of your resources.

7. Cost control and Billing reports and visualization.

Infrastructure Setup, Tear-down, Application deployment. Supports various set of platforms.

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